Professional Mold Removal & Waterproofing Services Available in Northbrook, IL

A mold remediation specialist in a full body suit examines mold in a crawl space.Mold is an all-too-common problem in homes in Northbrook, Illinois, and throughout the Chicagoland area, especially in older homes that weren’t built to modern standards. Thriving in moist environments, mold can take root in a wide array of residential spaces, including bathrooms, crawl spaces, basements, and attics. And, when this happens, it’s important to resolve the issue as soon as possible. After all, delays may allow mold to spread, causing more extensive damage and even impacting the health of your family. But who can you trust to not only provide effective mold removal, but also services that will address the underlying cause? Fortunately, that part is easy: simply turn to Alliance Restoration.

How Does the Mold Removal Process Work?

Using proven techniques, combined with industry suggested methods, Alliance Restoration can inspect and assess mold damage, effectively contain existing mold, remove mold infested materials, and remove mold contents to make your home and make it safe again.

Alliance Restoration performs mold remediation in Northbrook, IL through guidelines set by the Clean Trust; (IICRC) “Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation”.

I Have a Health Concern. Do I Need a Mold Test?

Most of the time testing is unnecessary and many mold removal professionals in Northbrook, IL will not disclose that to you. You should contact a professional mold removal company to evaluate visible mold and determine the next steps for mold remediation. If you already see obvious, visible mold — you simply need to remove it following industry-standard guidelines. Professional mold removal and remediation can ensure the best quality of human health & safety in the home.

Who Will Provide a Mold Test in Northbrook, IL?

Alliance Restoration utilizes a third-party, trustworthy, and accurate company. We are also an ISEAI IEP member and committed to removing toxic, airborne mold particles & improving the safety of your home. To give you peace of mind, a sample can be taken before and after the mold removal process to ensure the indoor air quality is back to normal and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

Do you have mold in your attic? Can you smell an odor in the attic? Is your wood framing, roof and insulation wet? These are commonly what we find when we are called out to a home or business for attic mold inspections. But don’t worry, Alliance Restoration is here to help.

Pro Tip:

Molds can trigger asthma attacks. Allergic symptoms include: sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash. Source from Alliance Restoration is a member of the ISEAII. Committed to helping individuals with environmentally acquired illnesses. Our professionals will examine areas of your home, including basements, attics, and crawl spaces, identify risky environmental exposure in your home, and offer safer, chemical-free mold remediation options.

Basement and Attic Mold Removal Services in Northbrook

Mold Removal with Testing

We have many mold removal case studies including before and after pictures and testimonials.

Black Mold In The Corner of The Basement before mold remediation after mold removal basement-wall-epoxy waterproofing corner

Read the entire case study of mold removal with testing

Mold Removal without Testing

Attic mold removal service where testing was not necessary as everything was removed and the client was happy with our process and the results.

Mold spores growing on the attic rafters and plywood sheeting in a Glenview, IL home. Clean roof rafters after an attic mold remediation performed by Alliance Restoration in Glenview, IL. 

Read entire case study of mold remediation without testing

Our Mold Remediation Process in Northbrook, IL

No matter the scope of the project, Alliance uses Standard Operating Procedures to comply with our Health & Safety Program. Alliance Restoration, Inc. is trained and certified by the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC), and the Clean Trust. We are also an ISEAI IEP member. We use mold removal methods that ensure every project meets the highest industry standards.

Alliance Restoration offers free mold and moisture inspections to homeowners and businesses in Northbrook. Mold can not grow without enough moisture, so identifying and repairing moisture problems is a crucial step in the home mold removal and remediation process to prevent future mold. Cleaners and chemicals do not solve problems caused by mold.

We provide solutions to mold growth with our in-depth process, which involves:

Step 1:

A critical first step in the mold removal process is to perform a visual inspection to identify all surfaces that have been affected by mold and determine the source of moisture in the building. For example, in basements and crawlspaces, cracks and unfinished areas are common ways for moisture to enter, whereas bathroom mold can often be traced to plumbing leaks. Once we have a complete understanding of the mold problem, our team of experts can develop a tailored mold removal and prevention plan.

Step 2:

Alliance Restoration will determine the best and most cost-effective way to address moisture infiltration in your home. We offer a wide array of waterproofing solutions and can install everything from sump pumps and specialized dehumidifiers to crawl space encapsulation systems. Additionally, we can seal cracks, provide frozen discharge line protection, fix plumbing leaks, and anything else that is needed.

Step 3:

Once we have fixed the source of the mold, Alliance Restoration will begin the remediation process. We will begin by creating containment barriers, which will prevent mold from spreading to other areas during the treatment process. To effectively eliminate mold, it is imperative that we remove and properly dispose of contaminated materials. Additionally, we’ll use proven-effective mold removal solutions while adhering to standard operating procedures to ensure effective, long-lasting results.

Alliance Restoration performs home mold removal and remediation in Northbrook, IL by utilizing current industry standards and includes the following goals:

    1. Safety and Health
    2. Mold Control, Removal & Prevention
    3. Project Documentation

Now that you have an overview of our home mold remediation process, you can explore two of our main focus areas in the home: attic mold removal and basement and crawl space mold clean up.

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Our Reviews

Best Company We Have Worked With

“Alliance Restoration Inc. is by far the best company we have worked with from start to finish. They cleaned and treated our basement floor. They were very responsive over the phone and provided accurate detail and were patient with each question I had. The crew was extremely hard working and meticulous with his work.”

Arthur C. / Rolling Meadows, IL
Better Than A++

“These guys are better than A++. We had a small water leak in out finished basement and before we knew it we had mold growth. Alliance performed the remediation work and found and fixed two foundation cracks as well. I would definitely use Alliance again and recommend them to others.”

Vincent P. / Arlington Heights, IL
Villa Park, IL

“Very Professional. Crew that did the job were so hard working. They did an excellent job. They leveled the floor in the crawlspace, installed drain tile and installed a sump pit and pump. They also encapsulated the crawlspace with a heavy vapor barrier.”

Debra S. / Very Professional
Great Company to Work With

“Great company to work with. They did a great job! They were very quick to respond and were able to schedule an appointment in a relatively short period of time. Great customer service and the workers did a spectacular job throughout the whole process and were very nice to work with. Thanks!!”

Christopher & Kirsten C. / Elk Grove Village, IL
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