Case Study: Attic Remediation – Glenview, IL 60025

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Before Attic Mold Remediation | Alliance | Glenview, Illinois

 Location: Glenview, IL 60025
 Category: Mold

Customer Name:

Chris L.


Chris noticed a mold-like substance growing on the rafters and plywood sheeting in the attic of his Glenview, IL home. He was worried that mold removal and remediation in his attic would be difficult because the ceiling was low. Chris called Alliance Restoration for an estimate and after an on-site attic mold inspection and evaluation, we informed him that the attic ceiling height

After Attic Mold Remediation | Alliance | Glenview, Illinois

was no problem.


The Alliance Restoration crew set up a containment area in the attic and mechanically agitated and HEPA vacuumed the area affected by mold growth. The next step was to apply the EPA registered sanitizer and a mold-resistant coating to make sure that the mold would not return in the future. Chris and his wife were very happy with the mold removal and remediation services that were performed in their attic.

Anything interesting with the project?

This attic ceiling happened to be very low and difficult to move around in. Alliance Restoration completed the mold remediation job to the client’s complete satisfaction.

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Homeowner Testimonial:

“It is unbelievable how your crew did such a great job in a small and low attic. My wife also absolutely agreed with me once she saw the attic. Thank you and your crew again and I will strongly recommend your company if some of my neighbors or colleagues who need remediation.”

– Chris L.

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