Alliance Restoration, of Huntley Illinois, offers Free estimates on our spray foam insulation service.

Easy Solution to High Energy Bills & Pest

Are you noticing higher than expected utility bills in the winter and summer months? Is your air conditioning unit or furnace running continuously? Believe it or not, the issue might stem from air infiltration through the sill plate or floor joist in the basement and crawl space. That air infiltration is known to cause cold floors over the basement and crawl space during the winter months and condensation on duct work in the summer. Thankfully our spray foam insulation service is the solution!

Alliance Restoration provides spray foam insulation service to homeowners in Arlington Heights, Barrington, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Mount Prospect, Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Lake Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Lincolnshire, Schaumburg, Lake in the Hills, Crystal Lake, Wonder Lake and more.

Stop Water & Air Infiltration

Our installation technicians start our spray foam insulation service by removing any fiberglass insulation you might currently have in the sill plate of the floor joist. This insulation is known to harbor mice, insects and even mold. Once fiberglass insulation gets wet, it loses its' insulation properties and becomes useless. Once the fiberglass batting is removed, the technician will begin spraying the closed cell foam to fill open voids and cavities around the perimeter of the home in the basement and crawl space where the ceiling meets the floor of the 1st level. We choose to use closed cell spray foam over open cell, with our spray foam insulation service, because open cell allows air and moisture to pass through it and is known to breakdown over time. However, our closed cell spray foam does not allow air to infiltrate it, blocks moisture and does not breakdown.

Our spray foam insulation service will increase your comfort level, improve the energy efficiency of your home and ultimately save you money on your utility bills. If you would like to schedule your Free consultation, contact us today.

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