Case Study: Crawl Space Mold Remediation & Master Bath – Libertyville, IL

Information from Projects Completed by Alliance Restoration

Before Picture of Bathroom Mold

 Location: Libertyville, IL 60048
 Category: Mold

Customer Name:

Gary & Jackie S.


The homeowners, Gary and Jackie, had a new bathroom installed three (3) years ago, but they were having issues with toilet leaking into the crawlspace below the bathroom. Once water infiltrates the home, it can open up the door to other issues. The leakage lead to mushrooms in the space and mold testing (by an independent firm) confirmed there was toxic mold in the surrounding wood. They needed to find a mold treatment & removal solution for their crawl space, subfloors, and joists – fast!


After Picture of Bathroom Mold

Gary and Jackie knew that they needed to hire a trusted contractor who specialized in crawl space mold clean up. After meeting with project managers they decided upon Alliance. The Alliance crew, under containment, removed the toilet fixture, surrounding floor tiles, along with rotting and discolored subfloors. They mechanically agitated and HEPA vacuumed the area including the exposed joists. A sanitizer and mold resistant coating was also applied to the area. The crew set up containment in the crawlspace to treat and remove the mold, while cleaning, wrapping, and removing the toilet for a later re-install.

Anything interesting with the project?

The customer hired an IEP to write up a remediation plan for us to work from. The customer wanted to try to save the toilet so our crew removed, cleaned and wrapped up the toilet before setting it aside for re-install by others at a later date.

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Homeowner Testimonial:

Alliance Restoration did a very professional job of the proposal process and cleanup. Greg Bowen was our point person and he was very knowledgeable about mold remediation and great about following up with our questions.

The men who did the remediation work were clean, polite, knowledgeable, professional, and very careful with our home in the process. They set up secure containment areas on both floors of the house affected by the mold and they did a great job removing the mold, because we had the surfaces retested and the area is clean now.

It’s really a downer to have toxic mold in your home – but it’s reassuring to have the right business do the clean up.

– Gary & Jackie S.

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