Moldy basementWhy You Need a Pro for Basement Mold Removal in St. Charles, IL

If you’re a homeowner and you have mold in your basement, don’t take a DIY approach. Instead, turn to a professional team in the St. Charles, Illinois, area for basement mold removal: Alliance Restoration. You’ll not only be able to say goodbye to scary mold problems, but also ensure they don’t return in the future.

Here are a few more reasons to hire a professional:

Basement Mold Spreads Fast

Mold spreads quickly and can contaminate other areas in your home if you don’t deal with it proactively. This can wind up costing you even more to remediate down the line. However, at Alliance Restoration, our professionals have access to proven tools and equipment to detect and remove mold. We can also fix foundation cracks and waterproof your basement, so the mold doesn’t return.

Basement Mold Causes Health Issues

Indoor mold exposure can cause a range of health issues, from respiratory concerns to skin irritation and even neurological problems. If you have mold growing in your home, or you suspect it’s an issue, call in Alliance Restoration for basement mold removal. We will use respirators, gloves, and other safety gear to properly treat the mold and protect your family.

Basement Mold Impacts Home Values

Whether you’re planning to list your home now or in the near future, the last thing you want is mold. It will scare off potential buyers and lower your home’s value, making selling much more difficult. If mold is professionally remediated, however, you can sell your home with more peace of mind.

Need Help with Basement Mold Removal? Call Our Team Today

Basements are dark, dank, and prone to wetness, providing the ideal conditions for mold to not only grow, but thrive. If you suspect there is mold in your basement, don’t panic. Instead, pick up the phone and call Alliance Restoration for a free inspection. We’re the trusted choice for basement mold removal across St. Charles, IL, and nearby areas.

Our Reviews

Better Than A++

“These guys are better than A++. We had a small water leak in out finished basement and before we knew it we had mold growth. Alliance performed the remediation work and found and fixed two foundation cracks as well. I would definitely use Alliance again and recommend them to others.”

Vincent P. / Arlington Heights, IL
Villa Park, IL

“Very Professional. Crew that did the job were so hard working. They did an excellent job. They leveled the floor in the crawlspace, installed drain tile and installed a sump pit and pump. They also encapsulated the crawlspace with a heavy vapor barrier.”

Debra S. / Very Professional
Great Company to Work With

“Great company to work with. They did a great job! They were very quick to respond and were able to schedule an appointment in a relatively short period of time. Great customer service and the workers did a spectacular job throughout the whole process and were very nice to work with. Thanks!!”

Christopher & Kirsten C. / Elk Grove Village, IL
Best Company We Have Worked With

“Alliance Restoration Inc. is by far the best company we have worked with from start to finish. They cleaned and treated our basement floor. They were very responsive over the phone and provided accurate detail and were patient with each question I had. The crew was extremely hard working and meticulous with his work.”

Arthur C. / Rolling Meadows, IL
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