Exterior Services for Homeowners in Buffalo Grove, IL

Man wearing yellow boots and gloves while pressure washing a patio

To help prevent costly water damage to your home in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, you’ll need to make sure that certain exterior services are periodically performed. When you entrust this important work to the professionals at Alliance Restoration, you can feel confident that it will be done right.

The team at Alliance Restoration has been providing effective exterior services to Chicagoland homeowners since 2006. Over the years, we have acquired an in-depth understanding of the water-related issues that commonly affect local homes, and we have become adept at creating effective and long-lasting solutions, which include:

Yard Drainage Systems

After a storm, does water tend to pool around the perimeter of your home? In addition to damaging your lawn and landscaping, water that has nowhere else to go may seep into your basement, create an ideal breeding ground for mold, and even compromise the foundation of your home.

Alliance Restoration can thoroughly assess the situation and create an effective yard drainage system tailored specifically to your needs and property. For instance, we may recommend a downspout drainage system, a sump pump drainage line, basement waterproofing, and/or crawl space encapsulation. Whatever it takes, you can count on us to thoroughly protect your home from water damage.

Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing your home from time to time can prevent the buildup of dirt, moss, algae, mold, and mildew. Over time, the grime can cause permanent and unsightly staining. It can also damage your siding, roofing, fence, and concrete, resulting in the premature need for costly replacements. What’s more, mold can infiltrate your walls and affect your health as well as the health of any other members of your household.

Alliance Restoration offers pressure washing services to eliminate the grime, restore the original luster of your home, and create a healthier environment for those inside it. In addition to high-pressure power washing, we offer low-pressure soft washing, which is ideal for roofing shingles, fences, pavers, and other delicate elements.

From yard drainage systems to pressure washing services, you can count on Alliance Restoration to provide the exterior services you need to protect your property in Buffalo Grove, IL, from water damage. To learn more, contact us today.

Our Reviews

Great Company to Work With

“Great company to work with. They did a great job! They were very quick to respond and were able to schedule an appointment in a relatively short period of time. Great customer service and the workers did a spectacular job throughout the whole process and were very nice to work with. Thanks!!”

Christopher & Kirsten C. / Elk Grove Village, IL
Better Than A++

“These guys are better than A++. We had a small water leak in out finished basement and before we knew it we had mold growth. Alliance performed the remediation work and found and fixed two foundation cracks as well. I would definitely use Alliance again and recommend them to others.”

Vincent P. / Arlington Heights, IL
Villa Park, IL

“Very Professional. Crew that did the job were so hard working. They did an excellent job. They leveled the floor in the crawlspace, installed drain tile and installed a sump pit and pump. They also encapsulated the crawlspace with a heavy vapor barrier.”

Debra S. / Very Professional
Best Company We Have Worked With

“Alliance Restoration Inc. is by far the best company we have worked with from start to finish. They cleaned and treated our basement floor. They were very responsive over the phone and provided accurate detail and were patient with each question I had. The crew was extremely hard working and meticulous with his work.”

Arthur C. / Rolling Meadows, IL
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