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Most residents of the Barrington Hills, IL, area rarely pay attention to the current state of their home’s crawl space. Letting this area slip your mind is easy as it’s typically an unoccupied and unfinished space. That is, however, until problems in this section of your house start to arise such as mold growth, insect infestation, and patterns of poor energy efficiency. Thankfully, at Alliance Restoration, we have the experience and knowledge it takes to implement crawl space encapsulation to combat and further prevent any crawl space issues.

What Are the Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation?

If you were to walk down into your crawl space right now, you may notice it smells a bit musty, or you might catch sight of a few unwanted critters crawling around. A chill may rush down your spine due to poor insulation. None of these situations are ideal, which is why crawl space encapsulation is a great choice for your home. There is a plethora of benefits to this project, such as:

  • Upgrading the air quality in your home by removing the possibility of harmful gasses that are emitted from soil
  • Minimizing the number of pests, including termites, which thrive off moisture
  • Blocking out the possibility of mold growth by eliminating dampness and standing water which can also improve health conditions inside your home
  • Improving the structure of your home by preventing standing water which can soak and rot wood
  • Creating a more energy-efficient environment by blocking out damp air while also promoting comfortable temperatures in your home

Choose Alliance Restoration for Your Crawl Space Encapsulation Project

At Alliance Restoration, we offer full-service crawl space encapsulation services that are unlike any other. Instead of applying plastic alternatives to encapsulate your space — much like builders and hardware stores offer — we use a reinforced liner that does not easily puncture or deteriorate over time. Our extensive service will leave you satisfied for years to come.

Contact us today to find out more about why Barrington Hills, Illinois, homeowners flock to us for all their crawl space encapsulation needs.

Our Reviews

Better Than A++

“These guys are better than A++. We had a small water leak in out finished basement and before we knew it we had mold growth. Alliance performed the remediation work and found and fixed two foundation cracks as well. I would definitely use Alliance again and recommend them to others.”

Vincent P. / Arlington Heights, IL
Villa Park, IL

“Very Professional. Crew that did the job were so hard working. They did an excellent job. They leveled the floor in the crawlspace, installed drain tile and installed a sump pit and pump. They also encapsulated the crawlspace with a heavy vapor barrier.”

Debra S. / Very Professional
Great Company to Work With

“Great company to work with. They did a great job! They were very quick to respond and were able to schedule an appointment in a relatively short period of time. Great customer service and the workers did a spectacular job throughout the whole process and were very nice to work with. Thanks!!”

Christopher & Kirsten C. / Elk Grove Village, IL
Best Company We Have Worked With

“Alliance Restoration Inc. is by far the best company we have worked with from start to finish. They cleaned and treated our basement floor. They were very responsive over the phone and provided accurate detail and were patient with each question I had. The crew was extremely hard working and meticulous with his work.”

Arthur C. / Rolling Meadows, IL
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