Full-Service Bathroom Mold Removal for Homes in the Chicagoland, IL, Area

A close up image of the ceiling in a tile shower with a large water and mold stain.

Mold loves warm, damp spaces, which means that many bathrooms present the ideal environment for mold to thrive. It’s not unusual to see some mold and mildew growth in bathrooms in Chicagoland, Illinois, homes, especially when the spaces aren’t properly ventilated. For example, mold frequently accumulates in grout lines, ceilings, and around toilets. In many cases, homeowners can treat these issues themselves with common household cleaners. However, if the problem is more serious, professional bathroom mold removal may be needed. At Alliance Restoration, we are Chicagoland’s best full-service mold remediation contractor and can provide all of the services you need to restore healthy conditions in your bathroom.

Signs That You Need Professional Bathroom Mold Removal

Serious bathroom mold issues are usually due to an unnoticed issue that goes beyond simple damp conditions. For example, mold might take hold behind your bathroom walls due to a leak in your plumbing fixtures or sewer line. When such issues occur, they often go undetected until the damage has become extensive.

Some common signs that you have mold in hidden bathroom spaces can include:

  • Powerful musty odors
  • Walls that look stained and/or feel damp
  • New health symptoms, such as sneezing, red eyes, and runny nose

If you suspect that you might need bathroom mold removal, contact Alliance Restoration right away. We offer free consultations making it easy for our customers to get the information they need.

Our Bathroom Mold Removal Process

At Alliance Restoration, we start every mold remediation project by performing a comprehensive inspection to determine the cause and extent of the mold problem. This is a critical step, as even if all mold is eliminated, it will soon return if the root cause is not addressed.

Once we’ve accurately assessed your bathroom, we’ll present a detailed, custom plan. First, we’ll set up isolation barriers, which will prevent the mold from spreading further. Then, we’ll fix any problems, such as plumbing leaks, that caused your mold problem. Finally, we’ll provide a complete bathroom mold removal, which can include everything from chemical treatments to the disposal of tainted building materials.

Alliance Restoration is certified by Clean Trust (IICRC) for water damage and mold removal, so you can rest assured that we will adhere to the most stringent industry guidelines throughout your mold remediation project.

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If you think that you might have a serious mold problem in your bathroom, don’t delay. Contact Alliance Restoration today to learn more about our bathroom mold removal services and schedule your free consultation at your home in the Chicagoland, IL, area.

Mold Remediation Reviews

100% Thorough

“I had worked with another Mold Remediation company before finding Alliance Restoration. I wish I had found Alliance First- they are accommodating, professional and 100% thorough. If you need mold remediated, call Greg at Alliance Restoration. It’s worth it to know it will be done right the first time.”

Dave B. / Lake Zurich, IL
Met Our Very High Expectations

“The work done by Alliance Restoration to remove the visible discoloration of the trusses and apply a clear mold inhibitor nine months ago completely met our very high expectations! A representative from the local roofing company that replaced the shingles recently inspected our attic for any re-occurrence of mold. He saw absolutely no indication of mold and was very impressed with your work to completely remove it.”

Don E. / Deerfield, IL
Experience Was Excellent

“Alliance Restoration, Inc. did some mold remediation work in our home. Overall the work experience was excellent. It was done in a timely manner, workers were efficient, courteous, professional and did an excellent job of cleanup upon completion.”

Carol O. / Algonquin, IL
Prompt, Respectful and Thorough

“The technicians were prompt, respectful and thorough. They completed the attic mold remediation without disruption of the rest of my home. They even cleaned up afterwards. We are very happy with the services provided and would highly recommend them.”

Dan W. / Huntley, IL
Things Went Great!

“Things went great! Alliance did the job while we were at work and left an air scrubber for a few days to make sure that everything was cleaned up. The level of inconvenience for us was very minimal. We were very impressed at how hard they worked with other contractors to help correct our venting issues. They seemed intent on making sure that everything was done right so that we wouldn’t have problems in the future. ”

Matt S. / Hoffman Estates, IL
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