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Notice Cracking In Poured Walls

Do you have cracks in your poured concrete basement walls? Are you noticing those cracks are leaking water when it rains? It's best to repair these cracks before further damage can occur and finding a reputable professional that offers the right crack repair method is the key.

Alliance Restoration offers free basement wall crack inspections to homeowners and businesses in Arlington Heights, Barrington, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Mount Prospect, Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Lake Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Lincolnshire, Schaumburg, Lake in the Hills, Crystal Lake, Wonder Lake and more.

Do You Need Professional Crack Repair

When our Project Manager arrives at your home or business, we will perform a thorough inspection of the basement foundation. We will verify the type of wall, size and type of crack and propose the ideal crack repair method. It is best to understand that poured concrete foundations, new and old, experience vertical cracks due to shrinkage, freezing and thawing along with shifting and settling. A vertical crack is typically non-structural and can be repaired quickly using our crack injection methods. Polyurethane crack injection is a trusted crack repair method and can help to seal out leaks. Our Project Manager will thoroughly explain the details about the procedure and warranty we provide for the work. In the event that you have horizontal or stair step cracks, crack injection is likely not the crack repair method that our Project Manager will suggest as this could be a sign of a structural issue that will require carbon fiber or i-beams.

For more information on our crack repair services, contact us today or schedule your Free consultation with one of our experts.

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