Case Study: Wet Crawl Space Drain System & Sump Pit – McHenry , IL 60051

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 Location: McHenry, IL 60051
 Category: Crawl Space

Customer Name:

Mike D. – McHenry, IL


When purchasing an investment property, an inspection, is very important. The inspections not only make sure the home is up to code but also reveals what is not up to code. The buyer’s inspection report found that the crawl space was wet and needed attention. This could most certainly affect the value of the property. Most renters would not want to occupy any space that has water issues as these often lead to mold, odors, wood rot, and ultimately health problems. The new homeowner wanted to address the issues immediately upon closing. A free consultation with Alliance Restoration was scheduled to find a solution for the leaky crawl space.


Alliance Restoration sent a highly qualified professional out for an assessment of the wet crawl space. The closing of this property was hanging in the balance, so this project required a professional crawl space company that was a proven problem solver. Alliance Restoration had details of the issues, so their objective was very straightforward: locate the problem, and suggest a solution. After a thorough assessment, it was suggested that the owner purchase an EZ flow crawlspace drain system and a new sump pump kit. Installing new drain tile would ensure that water is being captured and draining properly to the designated area. The crawl space sump pump would further ensure that water is being captured and is being delivered away from the home. This would ultimately keep water out of the house and the crawl space dry. After discussing the options, the homeowner agreed to move forward with the project. Alliance Restoration went out and installed the contracted solution. The homeowner had a sump pump that they wanted to use so our experts dropped it right into the pit. We also ran the sump pump discharge pipe out of the house into an exterior drain that runs approximately 15-25 feet away from the house. The homeowner was ultimately pleased because he could pursue the closing process. This brought peace of mind to everyone.

Anything interesting with the project?

Our crew found some areas of MLS in the crawl space, so we provided an estimate and received approval to spot treat those areas.

Homeowner Testimonial:

“Thank you for doing all that. You were easy to work with and the work looks great.”

— Mike D.

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