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Before Picture of Attic Mold

Customer Name:

Amy & Matt W.


As a homeowner trying to sell a home, it can be deflating to receive unexpected news during a home inspection. Amy and Matt were selling their home and had a potential home buyer ready to purchase. The buyer had their home inspector come out to do a full inspection of the property. During the inspection, it was revealed that the bath vents were exhausting into the attic. This caused mold to grow on the attic sheathing and rafters. This discovery definitely heightened the level of concern for the homeowners. There are many factors to consider when dealing with mold. One factor is being at risk for the buyer to potentially walk away. Another factor was the buyer could ask for a significant price reduction, substantially lower than the asking price. Lastly, a major factor could even be a lawsuit. Hypothetically; let’s say the mold went unnoticed just as it had leading up to this point, the homeowner would very well purchase the property. In the event that the new homeowner noticed mold, they could come after Amy and Matt with a lawsuit whether they were aware of the mold or not. These just being a couple of factors, definitely provided the homeowners with a strong sense of urgency to get this matter resolved. They needed to find a solution quickly to keep their buyer from walking away.


Attic Mold After Mold Remediation

The first order of business for the homeowners was to find a company that specialized in attic mold removal and mold remediation. If there were any chance of saving this sale, this was very important. They couldn’t just settle for a company to do an average mold cleanup, but rather a company that could minimize the chance of it ever returning. After consulting with contractors for attic mold removal costs the homeowners agreed upon Alliance Restoration. Alliance Restoration possesses many of the key qualities homeowners desired when choosing an attic mold contractor. The Alliance Restoration crew went in, under containment, and cleaned up the mold by mechanically agitating and HEPA vacuuming the hard surfaces. They then applied a sanitizer to kill any mold remnants followed by a mold resistant coating to ensure the mold could not return. The homeowners were indeed satisfied with the work Alliance Restoration performed. They were also at peace knowing that the professionals at Alliance restored the value of their home at such an urgent time.

They were also at peace knowing that the professionals at Alliance restored the value of their home at such an urgent time. Are you selling your home and have concerns about mold in the attic?

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Anything interesting with the project?

The client hired an IEP(Indoor Environmental Professional) to create a remediation plan that we executed to completion.

Any Quotes from the homeowner:

We appreciate all your help, as well as the work Alliance Restoration has done for us. The gentleman who worked on our attic was wonderful; they were friendly, they answered my questions, and left the house perfectly clean. I appreciate their work.

— Amy W. – Vernon Hills, IL

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