Case Study: Pipe Penetration Repair – Elgin, IL 60120

Information from Projects Completed by Alliance Restoration

 Location: Elgin, IL 60120
 Category: Basement Waterproofing

Customer Name:

Donna M.


The Client reached out with concerns because she noticed water seepage in her home. Water seepage is when water leaks out into an area or space, and it can cause expensive damage.  She noticed the water seepage coming from where the water main entered the home.  Her main concern was that she was selling the home and knew the issue needed to be addressed quickly. She scheduled an inspection hoping to find an answer.


An Alliance Restoration specialist came out to do the inspection and look at the water seepage. After the initial diagnosis of the issue, the Alliance crew came out to fix the seepage. Alliance injected a polyurethane material into the openings to seal the space. Polyurethane is a filler used for padding and insulation. Doing this would ensure that water seepage wouldn’t repeat and any new potential homeowner wouldn’t have to deal with this issue.  The customer was satisfied and ready to proceed with the sale of the home.

Anything interesting with the project?

They wanted to have it taken care of before the real estate closing so the new homeowner didn’t have to.

Homeowner Testimonial:

“Very professional evaluation of issue and certainly very timely response for solution. Would absolutely recommend this company.”

— Donna M.

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