Case Study: Basement Mold Removal & Foundation Crack Repair – Lake Forest, IL

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 Location: Lake Forest, IL 60035
 Category: Basement Waterproofing, Foundation, Mold

Customer Name:

Christine K.


This Lake Forest, IL homeowner noticed she had multiple issues that needed to be addressed in her basement, including mold growth and basement foundation wall cracks. Due to a previous basement flooding, her basement walls, ceiling, and floor showed signs of mold and required professional mold remediation services. Flooding causes the moisture in organic materials in a basement (i.e. carpet & ceiling tile) to allow the germination of mold spores. This caused major concern because of the certain health and environmental risks attached to the mold. Through further examination, it was also discovered that there were several foundation cracks that needed repair. Christine had a couple of issues on her hands that would be a headache for any homeowner. Christine knew that the first step to getting rid of these issues would be to seek professional help.



Christine began to search for reputable companies and mold remediation specialists serving Lake Forest, IL that could properly resolve her mold and foundation issues. After meeting with project managers, she decided to go with Alliance Restoration. Christine believed that Alliance Restoration was most qualified to handle this project. In accordance with a remediation plan written by an IEP, Alliance set up containment moved the personal belongings to the center of the room, remediated the mold, applied a stain remover to heavily stained areas, sanitized and coated the area. The carpet and padding from the storage room were also removed, disposed of, and then that area was remediated too. Once the mold concerns were resolved, the crew removed and disposed of plastic PVC pipe from the perimeter of the basement, and completed the basement foundation repairs.  Christine was satisfied that Alliance went to great lengths to ensure the mold and foundation issues were resolved.

Anything interesting with the project?

Upon completion of the mold remediation work and foundation crack repairs, the customer requested that we paint the basement floor for a more visually appealing look.

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