Case Study: Foundation – Huntley, IL

Information from Projects Completed by Alliance Restoration

 Location: Huntley, IL
 Category: Foundation

Customer Name:

Robert M.


As an experienced homeowner, Robert M knew how easy it could be for water to enter his basement. Because of this, he knew it was very important to check for signs of flooding during a very rainy period. Day after day, he’d go down into his basement and make sure everything was dry. Unfortunately, his worries were validated when he went downstairs to find water all over his basement floor. He knew that the cause was most likely a crack in his basement wall, but he could not confirm that suspicion because of all the storage shelves and other personal items lining his basement wall. He knew this was a problem that needed to be addressed quickly, so he called Alliance to set up an assessment and got to work moving everything away from the wall.


Upon our arrival, everything was cleared from the basement wall, meaning the problem was staring us right in the face:

there was, in fact a substantial crack in the wall, allowing water to flow into Robert’s home. Luckily, since he had been diligent in checking for problems ahead of time, the repair was relatively simple. Our technician cleaned the area, applied ports, and used injection materials to fill the foundation crack. Since we had determined that this crack was not a warning sign of anything more seriously wrong with his foundation, this was it! We quickly cleaned up the mess and left Robert with a dry basement and peace of mind that he wouldn’t have any further flooding issues in his basement.

Homeowner Testimonial:

“They were very great. Thank you for helping me get this fixed so quickly.”

— Robert M.

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