Foundation Crack Repair – West Dundee, IL 60118

Customer Name:

Steve H.


Steve was getting ready to finish his basement and expand his living space. While down there he noticed a crack on an exterior wall that was seeping a little bit of water. He knew that in a finished basement that even a little bit of water was too much. He called Alliance Restoration for a repair estimate.


We asked him to take some pictures of the area with the crack and text them to us. Once received, we were able to respond with a ballpark estimate for repair. The homeowner approved the estimated price and understood that if anything unusual was found onsite from our technician the price was subject to change. We scheduled a time to come out to the house and repair the crack, giving him the peace of mind, he is looking for before he finishes the walls.

Any Quotes from the homeowner:

“Thank you for all your help with this.”

Steve H.