Crawl Space Encapsulation & Crack Repair– Naperville, IL 60440

Customer Name:

Kristina M.


Kristina, the homeowner, wanted to spruce up her basement crawl space. Generally the crawl space is an area in a person’s home that is rarely occupied. If for anything, it’s mostly used as a storage space for items rarely used. In this case the dirt, rocks, earth, and everything else inhabiting crawl spaces had worn out its welcome. The customer was tired of seeing her crawl space like this and decided it needed some improvement.


Kristina needed a company that she could trust to transform her crawl space into a usable space. Kristina decided to request the services of Alliance. Alliance is a company with not only the experience, but the track record that made them a great fit for this project. Alliance installed 20mil white cap premium vapor barrier over the floor, and up the walls to create the space she was looking for. Our crew also repaired three vertical/diagonal foundation cracks while in the crawlspaces. Kristina was pleased with the overall work done in her home. She could have peace knowing that all of her crawl space issues were fixed by Alliance.

Anything interesting with the project?

The work area was actually three small separate crawlspaces. Upon initial inspection, we identified three foundation cracks that needed to be repaired as well.

Any Quotes from the homeowner:

The services provided were great. The guys left the work area clean and were very respectful to my home.” – Kristina M.