Crawlspace clean-up & Encapsulation – Wilmette, IL 60091

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Crawlspace clean-up & Encapsulation – Wilmette, IL

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Rick & Cecilia D.


When purchasing property, it is extremely important to make sure the appearance is appealing to potential buyers. Eye sores could impact the overall decision to occupy the property. In this case study, the owners recently purchased this property to be used as a rental property. After discovering the condition of the crawl space, they wanted to get the area cleaned up. Crawl spaces occupied by dirt, insects, gravel, fallen insulation, and musty odors must be corrected. The homeowners wanted the area sealed for appearance and storage sake. They scheduled a consultation with Alliance to find a solution for a healthier crawl space.


Alliance sent a highly qualified specialist out for an assessment of the crawl space. Once a project is scheduled, Alliance makes it a priority to send out the right specialist for the project. The goal was to find the problems and suggest a solution to the owners. After a thorough assessment, the specialist suggested a crawl space encapsulation. The encapsulation method ensures that the area is a clean, sealed, and usable space. It eliminates dirt, musty odors, insects, moisture, and other issues that an average crawl space can present. After discussing these options, the owners agreed to move forward with installation. The crew went in and cleaned up all the debris from the space. After cleanup, they installed a Premium White Cap vapor barrier to the floor and walls of the space. The owners were very pleased, because they were given peace of mind and the satisfaction they needed. They also added value to the property in the process.

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“The crew did a great job. Thank you for everything.”

Rick D.