Case Study: Crawl Space & Basement Waterproofing – Brookfield, IL 60513

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 Location: Brookfield, IL 60513
 Category: Basement Waterproofing, Crawl Space, Mold

Customer Name:

Kristin H.


Kristin and her husband were buying a home from her father in law that had been in the family for a long time. Even though it was a family to family transaction they did their due diligence and had a home inspection.  The inspection report noted that there were several items that needed to be addressed. There was visible mold and a basement foundation crack in the wall. They wanted basement waterproofing and mold removal issues corrected prior to moving into the home. To prevent future water intrusion they needed a professional crawl space and restoration company to repair the basement wall crack and address crawl space mold remediation as soon as possible.


Alliance Restoration reviewed the home inspection report along with any pictures that were provided prior to sending an estimator out to the home for an assessment. Our estimator met with the potential homeowners and discussed the details surrounding crawl space mold removal and foundation wall crack repair. He took pictures and measurements of the specific areas of the crawl space and basement that needed mold remediation services.  We discovered visible signs of additional water damage in the basement during our assessment. It was discussed with the homeowners and agreed that we would extend our work to include basement waterproofing into our project estimate as well.

Alliance prepared an estimate for crawl space clean up, foundation crack repair, and basement clean up work. The quote included installing Whitecap Premium crawl space liner to the floor and walls, applying spray foam insulation to the rim joist area at the top of the foundation, removing and disposing of damaged drywall and paneling, and sanitizing the framing and floor.

Kristin accepted our proposal for work and it was scheduled for a few days after her closing.

If you discover a foundation crack in your basement walls, contact the basement and crawl space specialists at Alliance Restoration for a free consultation about mold removal and crack repair services.

Homeowner Testimonial:

“We couldn’t be happier! Alliance performed work (crack repair and mold remediation) on our new home in early March, the week before we moved in – there were known foundation cracks, and the inspection also revealed a small amount of mold. From the first phone call, to the initial eval and quote, to the completion of work – everything was timely and professional. We elected to have them gut the small lower level (of our tri-level home), and are thankful we did – rotten floorboards and an additional crack were discovered. We were called and consulted prior to them doing some additional work that was required. The cracks were repaired, the containment process was excellent, and the work area was completely cleared of debris and was left tidy when they were finished. Then, all we had to do was wait for some torrential rain to see if the repairs worked! It is now June, and we’ve had 2 days of heavy rain – the type of rain that previously caused there to be water all over the lower level (this home was known to us for several years prior to purchase from a family member). I’m so thrilled to report that although our side yard is a lake (which normally meant that so was the basement), our basement is completely dry! Not a drop. We are so happy that we feel safe finishing the lower level now and have some wonderful additional living and storage space. The cost for repair was 100% worth it. Thank you so much for everything!”

– Kristin H.

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