Case Study: Crawl Space Encapsulation – Crystal Lake, IL

Information from Projects Completed by Alliance Restoration

 Location: Crystal Lake, IL
 Category: Crawl Space

Customer Name:

Cliff H.


Cliff H. had been happily living in his home for 3 years. Everything was going well. It was a nice place in a great neighborhood and his family loved it. After a while, Cliff ran into a problem. During the winter all the floors were very cold and during the summer he noticed a musty, moldy smell throughout the home. His home was so close to perfect, but this really put a damper on things for him and his family.
Being an experienced homeowner, he correctly assumed that the root of the problem came from the crawl space. Upon further inspection, he found that his crawl spaces had dirt floors and were filled with nasty debris. Simply put, they were not maintained properly, and he needed a professional to solve his problem. That’s when he contacted Alliance Restoration.


Alliance listened carefully to Cliff’s concerns and they offered a variety of solutions to help him with his problem. Eventually, they found the best remedy: WhiteCap crawl space encapsulation, Alliance’s go-to method for protecting crawl spaces. WhiteCap drainage matting and insulated vapor barriers were installed in both crawl

 spaces, effectively preventing moisture from entering the home. This would ensure that the musty smell that Cliff was experiencing in the summertime would no longer be an issue. Next, our crew applied spray foam insulation to the rim joist areas in the crawl spaces, helping to solve the problem of cold floors during the winter months.

After the process was complete, we could confidently tell Cliff that he would not have to worry about his crawl space again for many years to come, as WhiteCap is an extremely durable and reliable solution. We were happy to help him with his problems in the quickest and most efficient way possible. He was very happy with the results!

Homeowner Testimonial:

“Alliance Restoration did an excellent job on encapsulating my crawl space. They were very thorough and professional. I had 2 other well-known companies bid my job and the decision was easy to make.”

– Cliff H.

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