Case Study: Crawl Space Drain System & Crack Repair – McHenry, IL 60051

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 Location: McHenry, IL 60051
 Category: Crawl Space

Customer Name:

Kelly V.


Kelly and her husband had been living in their home for a long time, and with the kids out of the house, they finally decided it was time to sell. However, as is all too common when it comes to selling a house, they hit a snag during the process. When they had an

inspector come to their house to make sure everything was up to code and the house was ready to be put on the market, he found that their crawl space had some serious water damage. Not only this, but there were also cracks along the crawl space wall. Prior to the inspection, Kelly and her husband had no idea that there were issues like these in their home. She wanted to do the right thing and make sure these issues were dealt with before putting the house on the market, and so she contacted the professionals at Alliance Restoration.


After Kelly gave us a call, we sent a technician out to perform an in-home inspection to determine the source of the problem. Upon assessment, it was decided that an interior drainage system and a new sump pump would be the best solution to the water issues the homeowners were experiencing. The crew came out to the home, where they dug a trench around the perimeter of the crawl space, installed a new drain pipe, the new sump pump, and a new discharge line. This drainage system was designed to collect any and all unwanted water

that may find its way into the space and direct it away from the home via the discharge line. After the water problems were dealt with, the crew used injection materials to

 repair the cracks in the crawl space walls and installed the Power Post stabilization next to the existing support posts to further support the structural integrity of the home. In the end, Alliance was able to offer solutions for every single one of Kelly’s crawl space problems. We left the home with two very happy customers!

Any Quotes from the homeowner:

“The crew was great! They were so kind, considerate, and professional. I have never worked with a contractor who made me feel like they really wanted to take good care of you, that’s what it felt like with these guys!”

– Kelly V. – McHenry, IL

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