Case Study: Attic Mold Remediation – Village of Lakewood, IL 60014

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 Location: Village of Lakewood, IL 60014
 Category: Mold

Customer Name:

Michael K.


An Alliance Restoration client had ice damming on his roof a few years, but never thought that it would result in mold growth in the attic sheathing and rafters.  When he decided to sell his home and the buyer’s home inspection found a mold-like substance during an attic mold inspection, it became clear that this could affect the home selling process. Our client didn’t want the sale of his home to fall through and he reached out to our home mold removal company to get an estimate for the repair.


Alliance Restoration, Inc. provided an on-site assessment of the attic area and offered an estimate for attic mold removal and remediation services. We took pictures and measurements of the affected attic area and used them to inform our client about the work that was necessary to resolve the mold problem.  Our estimator noticed some possible venting issues during the attic mold inspection that may have contributed to the problem. For one the bathroom fan was not vented properly. We provided a referral for a venting specialist and recommended that fanning and venting throughout the home should be accessed. 
The homeowner hired the venting specialist to make all necessary corrections prior to the start of our mold remediation project. We set up a containment system to help protect other areas of the home from contamination and installed a protective barrier over the attic insulation. We then began our traditional mold remediation process which includes HEPA vacuuming, sanitizing, and coating the mold-affected areas as well as making corrective adjustments to airflow to control humidity and moisture. We installed new baffles so air would flow through the attic rafters properly and pulled back any insulation that was covering the existing soffit vents so hot and humid air could exit through the roof vents and control the moisture level in the attic space.

If you’re in the process of selling your home and have concerns about mold after a home inspection or if your roof has been damaged by ice during the winter season, speak to a mold remediation specialist about an attic inspection. Contact Alliance Restoration for a free consultation today.

Homeowner Testimonial

“It is apparently common to discover some mold in the attic, during a home inspection prior to sale in this geographic area. Alliance was able to schedule an inspection for estimate and complete the work in a very timely manner. The receipt was also a report of the work completed with before and after photos. The crew arrived right on time and worked diligently to complete the project. All parties are happy with the work!”

– Michael K.

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