Attic Mold Remediation – Highland Park, IL 60040

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Attic Mold Remediation, Highland Park, IL

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Kristen & Scott K.


The clients noticed water staining on the 2nd floor ceiling of the home. This caused the clients to be concerned and seek a professional opinion. They called a contractor for repair and it was determined that the problem was coming from the attic space. Attics aren’t the most occupied space in a home, so this wasn’t something uncommon. There was an attic fan present and running, but no soffit vents were present to increase the airflow. This caused the insulation to be saturated with moisture. This is what led to the water staining on the ceiling and mold growth in the attic. Kristen and Scott knew at this point, a professional needed to come in to fix this problem.


The clients began to seek out professionals that could help suggest a solution for their water and mold issues. They needed a company that they could trust to provide them with solid options. After meeting with project managers they agreed to work with Alliance. They believed in the brand and that the project manager could orchestrate a successful project in their regard. It is important to understand; that before mold remediation can begin, all water issues must be resolved. Alliance went in removed and discarded all of the wet insulation and performed mold remediation under containment. The clients were thoroughly pleased to see the results of Alliance’s work. They were also given the peace of mind that their attic was now a clean and healthy space again.

Anything interesting with the project?

  1. The homeowners requested that we set up our containment system from the attic scuttle on the 2nd floor all the way down the stairs out the front door.
  2. There was both pre and post testing done in the space.
  3. The homeowner requested that we apply the mold resistant coating to the attic floor after the insulation removal as well.

Any Quotes from the homeowner:

The homeowner shared with us that the testing company stated that “the attic was clean enough to eat off of” after they had been there to do the post testing.

Alliance was extremely professional and did a wonderful job explaining in detail exactly what would be done. They were extremely careful at making sure that they removed the mold and our insulation without compromising the rest of our house. Their employees were extremely prompt, polite and knowledgeable. We had an outside company test once Alliance was done and the mold was successfully removed the first time. We would highly recommend them.” Kristen & Scott K.