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Reinforcing a Failing Foundation

Are your basement walls cracking, buckling or even beginning to bow? If your basement walls are bowing inward, that is a sign that the structural integrity of the building is in jeopardy because hydrostatic and lateral earth pressures are currently exceeding the strength of the concrete block, brick or masonry wall. In order to stop this issue from becoming worse, we may recommend carbon fiber reinforcement to stabilize the foundation wall.

Alliance Restoration offers free bowing wall and foundation repair consultations to homeowners and business owners in Arlington Heights, Barrington, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Mount Prospect, Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Lake Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Lincolnshire, Schaumburg, Lake in the Hills, Crystal Lake, Wonder Lake and more.

Thin As a Dime & Ten Times Stronger Than Steel

To determine if you need a carbon fiber reinforcement system installed, a certified Project Manager will perform a thorough inspection of your foundation. The Project Manager will be looking to identify the cause of the cracking, buckling and bowing walls in the basement to determine the best course of action to secure the foundation and present any further wall decay. If the wall has not bowed more than XX", the Project Manager is likely to suggest The Reinforcer carbon fiber reinforcement system as the solution. The Reinforcer is a carbon fiber reinforcement strap that is 4" wide, .045" thick and 10X stronger than steel! These carbon fiber reinforcement straps are secured to the wall using structural epoxy and thus forming a permanent bond with the wall. Now as the outside pressure on the wall increases, The Reinforcer provides an equal and opposite resistance force to the wall thus helping to eliminate any further damage. The Reinforcer is easily painted over and doesn't stick out like standard I-Beams making it easy to conceal and work around.

Our carbon fiber reinforcement services are backed by a warranty you can trust. For more information on this service or to schedule your Free consultation, please call 1-(815)-477-0029 or complete our quick estimate form.

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