Alliance Restoration, of Huntley Illinois, provides Free inspections to businesses & homeowners with bowing and damaged basement foundation walls

Bowing Wall Foundation Problems

Are your basement walls leaning and bowing? Do you have structural cracks that are showing signs of the wall falling inward? If you are noticing bowing of more than 2 inches, standard carbon fiber straps will not work. Instead, you will need a more serious bowing wall repair solution that will not only stop the inward movement, but also restore the structural integrity of the foundation.

Alliance Restoration offers free basement and crawl space foundation consultations to homeowners and business owners in Arlington Heights, Barrington, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Mount Prospect, Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Lake Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Lincolnshire, Schaumburg, Lake in the Hills, Crystal Lake, Wonder Lake and more.

Cost Effective Professional Bowing Wall Repair

Once a Project Manager arrives for the appointment, they will inspect the outside perimeter and interior of the property to identify the cause of the structural issues.  The next step is to determine the best method of bowing wall repair.  If the wall is bowed more than 2", we immediately turn to The Force bracket tension loaded I-Beam system. The Force is the most superior method of bowing wall repair in the industry because the patented system not only stops further bowing of the wall, but it also pushes the concrete walls back to the plum position over time. This amazing feat cannot be achieved by methods used by other contractors without evasive exterior excavation. The old repair method for bowing walls is to dig a trench around the exterior of the building, push the wall back into place and then put anchors or standard i-beams in place to hold the position. This is a very expensive method, lengthy in time and often painful to the homeowner. With The Force, bowing wall repair is made far easier since it does not require any digging outside, can be installed in a variety of foundation types and applies a constant 1000lbs of pressure on the wall which moves it back into position over time. Other braces simply cannot do this. As you can tell, we are excited to offer The Force as our bowing wall repair method of choice here at Alliance Restoration. We know that it is a permanent solution, works in all soil types and conditions, carries an incredible warranty and is a much more affordable solution for the property owner.

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