Alliance Restoration, of Huntley Illinois, provides professional crawl space vent covers and doors replacement and installation in our service area.

Easily Keep Unwanted Guest Out

Are you noticing that the floors above your crawl space are cold? Have you found animals, pests or their nasty byproducts in your crawl space? Be aware, these are typically the complaints we hear from homeowners when they schedule their inspection. If you walk the perimeter of your home, you are likely to find missing, damaged or rotting crawl space vent covers and doors. These are the areas that allow for creatures, bugs, water and outside air to penetrate your home.

Thankfully we have the solution for you. Our replacement crawl space vent covers and doors are made of durable plastic and will not break down over time. Our installation process is quick and thorough. We securely mount and seal the crawl space vent covers and doors restoring your peace of mind. Many of our customers report savings on their energy bills as an added benefit to properly sealing the crawl space from the outside elements and stopping air infiltration.

Understand the Stack Effect

Here is a diagram of what building scientists call the stack effect. This gives you a better understanding of how unconditioned air enters through holes and cracks in your basement and crawl space, moves through the conditioned areas and pushes out the attic and roof of your home.

Think about how much money you are paying to recondition your environment on a continuous basis. If you have missing or damaged crawl space vent covers and doors, contact us today to schedule your Free consultation.


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